Onvu Learning is dedicated to improving performance and teaching methods in the classroom. They develop innovative and high-spec classroom observation technology to ensure that teachers, students and examining bodies are getting the most out of the syllabus and course delivery. This is effective for student groups of all ages and education stages. 

Their solutions are non-disruptive and allow the teacher to gain full control over their classroom - therefore, they can maximise the productivity and success levels that are achieved under their tutorship. To truly show off their expertise and incredible products, their brand needed to be completely realigned and redesigned. 

If Onvu Learning’s branding didn’t match their advanced product range, it’d hold back the success of the overall business. When we started working with them, it was apparent that this was the case. So, we identified a clear need for a full rebrand - and once the styling was agreed, a brand new site too.  

Their website is where their target audience will visit to find out more about the advanced products - if the site doesn’t reflect advanced technological expertise, as a business, they’re not going to benefit from the reputation they deserve. Through shared core values, we were eager to get the ball rolling and achieve something great alongside Onvu Learning.

The Partnership

Our partnership with Onvu Learning has consistently grown and strengthened since its formation. Firstly, we started working on smaller project jobs - and once we proved ourselves within these jobs and went above and beyond for our digital partner, we earned the chance to help them with further advanced projects. 

As mentioned, we share a lot of core values with Onvu Learning. Firstly, it’s always refreshing to work with businesses that are as passionate as we are. This makes our job a whole lot easier when carrying out the Discovery phase and getting to know them. Plus, their expertise has allowed us to target their ideal audience in incredible detail - a necessary factor for success. 

We’re always looking for ways to add value to our digital partners - and this one is no different. Both passionate about technology, we’ve pitched potential key technology projects (including the use of AR) that could help with their overall educational information around their products. We’re always looking for ways that we can help our partners improve their overall approach. 

As always, the partnership is built on trust. Our communication levels are always impeccable and that allows us to always keep projects moving forwards. Without clear communication levels, lines are quickly blurred, objectives are hard to meet and both parties aren’t happy with the relationship.

The Outcome

When we first started working with Onvu Learning, our first action was to revamp, redesign and realign the whole business branding. It was vastly inconsistent across all channels, so it needed freshening up to allow their products and messaging to be shone in the correct light. Once both parties agreed on a new branding approach, it was time to focus on designing a new site.

As the brand produces incredibly advanced products, the site needed to be informative and easy to digest. So, as always, we outlined user stories and journeys that helped with the overall look and feel of the site. If the products are complicated to understand and the site doesn’t make it any easier, then it’s not built for purpose, is it? 

We produced a tailored site that focuses on the clear needs and requirements of the ideal target audience. Alongside the new site, our fantastic web-design team also focused on key branding elements, iconography, Ebook and landing page templates, social media templates and more - that way, everything was consistent and pulling in the right direction. 

Also, within the partnership, we fully redeveloped HubSpot for Onvu Learning and integrated it with a strategic marketing plan. That way, all efforts were effectively aligned.

On the whole, both Onvu Learning and ourselves are very pleased with our project work and the partnership as a whole. Now that the website and all other efforts dovetail, it best positions the brand to grow and be successful. The products they provide are incredible, now they have the perfect platform to elevate themselves and develop too.