Steeped in history, Brisbane Moss supplies plenty of global businesses with the highest quality fabrics and materials that you can find. From corduroy and moleskin to linen and velvet, they provide a wide range of top-quality fabrics that can be turned into incredible and impressive garments.

Brisbane Moss uses the latest technology and innovation to ensure that their quality standards never drop. They’ve worked hard over the last 140 years to stamp their name at the forefront of their industry, they’re determined to stay there and ahead of their competition. With that in mind, they needed their online presence to reflect their innovative working approach.

After all, there’s no use operating in slick, modern ways if you’re not showing this online, right? Your website is where your customers will make their first impressions of your brand, so it needs to be easy to use, strategic and provide an all-round great user journey.

The Partnership

Brisbane Moss approached Red-Fern looking for a new strategic website. As key players in their field, they needed a site that backed this up. Without the right representation online, your business won’t achieve the heights that you can potentially reach. Therefore, we had to carry out a full digital transformation.

As Brisbane Moss are a world leader in fabric manufacturing - we were incredibly pleased that they chose Red-Fern to carry out the full design and development of their strategic website. We couldn’t wait to get going on this one.

As with any website project, our internal team worked closely with all project stakeholders to understand the client, their goals and objectives, demands and needs of the website and more. Our thorough Discovery sessions ensure that our team has a full understanding of a business and the industry before putting pen to paper for any plans or designs.

Without a full understanding of the above, you can’t produce a site that’s going to elevate the brand. Sure, you might produce one that looks cool and is easy on the eye, but without a solid level of understanding, it won’t perform well with the target audience. Our Discovery sessions were always thorough and we worked with the client to achieve a solid foundation for overall success.

Our partnership with Brisbane Moss has spanned various years. In fact, they’ve since introduced new business and custom to Red-Fern - something that we’re incredibly grateful for from our partners. This proves that our partnership is ultimately a success and we’ve worked hard to produce a truly trusting relationship.

The Outcome

The overall outcome of the partnership was an industry-leading strategic website design. Before any designs were drawn up, our internal team sat down and planned out key user journeys that their ideal audience may take. That way, we could be certain that not only would the site look good but perform well too.

As Brisbane Moss has an advanced product range online, we had to think carefully of how we could portray this in the best light. Therefore, we used the latest technology for the user to be able to preview colours and fabric types once they’d found their product of interest. This allows the decision-maker to make more well-informed choices and not be left guessing.

The site is incredibly easy to use and navigate and provides a great user experience all round. Brisbane Moss were incredibly happy with our efforts with the initial site and continued assistance wherever they need it the most. Yet another successful manufacturing project for the Red-Fern team!