Beta Solutions are the UK’s leading supplier of industrial floor cleaning machines. From traditional floor scrubbers and sweepers to autonomous robotic solutions, they provide various industries with everything they need to improve safety and efficiency. With over 30 years of experience, they’re determined to keep industries clean.

As the UK’s sole distributor of Factory Cat industrial cleaning machines, Beta Solutions needed to elevate their global presence to show the true quality of their products and the purpose that they serve. That way, they could partner with more industry-leading businesses and provide them with equipment tailored to their individual business needs. 

As a brand, they’re an honest and ethical business - something that they wanted to align in their overall approach. They ensure true value for money and that the customer is at the heart of everything that they do - again, something that we had to mirror in our approach to portray the ideal brand image.

The Partnership

As a fellow Lancashire-based business, Beta Solutions approached Red-Fern to help drive their overall business forwards. We were very pleased and excited to hit the ground running with yet another promising manufacturing industry-based business - especially as they are leaders in their chosen field of interest. 

Like all of our long-term partnerships, we set about the Discovery phase to understand who Beta Solutions and its ideal audience truly are. Within these sessions, we also discussed overall aims, objectives and goals. As always, our Discovery sessions are incredibly thorough, that way, nothing crucial is missed in the early stages.

During the Discovery phase, we saw all facets of our internal digital agency working alongside the client. Our design and development department got to the bottom of what they were expecting from their new site. While our marketing team expanded their knowledge within the industry and discussed various topic angles and approaches to help achieve their goals.

Throughout the partnership, all project stakeholders worked closely alongside each other. Plus, we were also introduced to global partners of the clients and worked with those on key projects for the business - including, the introduction of new revolutionary cleaning machinery. 

At every stage of the partnership, we impressed and added great value to the business in plenty of ways. We developed a great level of trust between ourselves and Beta Solutions and delivered top-quality results along the way.

The Outcome

Beta Solutions obtained a full marketing retainer with us. During the first quarter of the retainer, we produced a modern, innovative and slick website for the brand. Aesthetically brilliant, the site allows Beta Solutions to firmly position themselves at the forefront of the industry and ahead of their main competitors.

As always, the design, development and marketing departments at Red-Fern took a dovetailed strategic process. We worked closely with the client to find out exactly what they wanted and delivered it in everything that we provided - especially the website. The internal team at Beta Solutions were incredibly pleased with the site - and it’s easy to see why.

Our marketing efforts spanned a full range of facets and channels. From content marketing and social media to paid marketing and video production, we worked on a lot of key projects for Beta Solutions and continued to deliver fantastic results. It’s vital to ensure that each channel aligns with each other, that way, we’re all pulling in the right direction.

Throughout the retainer, we constantly tried out new approaches. We saw great success with our industry-targeted campaigns. In an industry that was massively hampered by the pandemic, it’s a credit to our internal team that we continued to deliver promising results throughout.

From the website through to continued marketing efforts, our partnership with Beta Solutions was brilliant.

“Red-Fern has totally transformed our digital sales and marketing strategy and more recently helped us with the implementation of Hubspot’s CRM, which has been a gamechanger for our strategy and sales process.

Their knowledge and advice have been very insightful and helpful and they keep in touch weekly which for me, is incredibly important. We have a great Account Manager in Luke and David is very knowledgeable when it comes to PPC. I must also make a special note of how impressed I am with Matt and his writing abilities.

To be honest, this review could go on with accolades for each and every team member of Red-Fern, but I have to get on now dealing with the customer that Sean and his team have helped us to find. Outstanding!”

Tony Shian, UK Operations and Innovation Director